Social Skills Groups

If you ask any student (pre-school through high school) the question, “what is your favorite school subject?” the response you will probably get is – recess or lunch! That’s because these are the times students get to socialize with their friends and that’s what makes school fun. However, for children on the autism spectrum or those with behavior needs, the skills required in these social situations may be what make recess and lunch the most difficult times of the school day.

We strongly believe that children not only need instruction to learn specific social skills, they also need the opportunity to build lasting friendships. Unfortunately, these structured opportunities are not always available within the community where you live. COBC offers social skills groups for children and adolescents that focus on the skills necessary to build relationships within their peer group.

Social topics may include:

  • Conversation skills – what are kids saying these days? What are they talking about? Learn the ‘right’ way to initiate, respond to and participate in a conversation with someone in your age group.
  • Play/social interactions – what are kids interested in and playing with? Learn how to initiate or join an activity with a friend.
  • Perspective taking – learn to understand what others may be thinking or feeling and how your thoughts and actions affect others.
  • Social problem solving – learn to recognize when something isn’t going the right way and what to do when the skills you have aren’t working
  • Social-emotional expression – learn to recognize your own emotions and the emotions of others and how they impact a social situation
  • Life skills – learn the skills needed to be a more active participant within your family and community

If you are interested in having your child participate in a social skills group please complete this form.

*Note: Group availability may vary depending on the age and need of each participant.


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