In Home Consultation

With this service option, we work closely with you to develop an in home program to best fit the needs of your child as well as accommodate family life. We design the intensity of the program to be effective while still considering the need for your child to be a part of the family and the community.

Your child's strengths and challenges are unique, and we treat them as such. Every parent and every child brings with him/her a different set of goals he/she feels are of utmost priority. Whether you want to see your child enjoy riding bikes with a friend, learn to write his name, or be able to get ready for bed without a meltdown, we work with you to create a program aimed at realizing these goals.

We see success with the use of discrete trials to teach new skills and maintain and generalize mastered skills. Plans to reduce behaviors that interfere with learning and overall participation in daily life are based on data collected by the team and include a functional and socially acceptable replacement behavior.

The most essential member of any successful behavior intervention team is you, the parents. In this model, the team also includes your consultant as well as tutors, hired by you and trained by us. The tutors are responsible for the day to day implementation of the programs developed by your consultant. The recommended number of 1:1 intervention hours with a tutor(s) typically range from 10 to 40 hours per week depending on the goals set by the team. Frequency of services provided by your consultant at Central Ohio Behavioral Consulting can range from 1 up to 10 hours or more per month is partially determined by the number of weekly 1:1 intervention hours your child receives.


I can't even think of words to describe our feelings about Jenny's progress from our first ABA session to today. Honestly, I can't really remember how bad her behaviors were unless I am reminded.   Continue Reading →

--Mary, Parent


I have the opportunity to work with amazing kids! The most effective (and sometimes only) way to support these kids as they reach their full potential is through a team [home and school] approach.   Continue Reading →

--Julie Payne, M.A., Intervention Specialist


Lindsay has always been dedicated and passionate. Her professionalism and knowledge made us feel very confident in the program right from the start.   Continue Reading →

--Ellen, parent