We believe that the vision parents have for their child's future is the driving force behind any successful intervention program. Our consultants work with parents and their child to create individualized programs aimed at realizing those goals. Through candid interviews with parents and purposeful observations of the child at home, in the school and within the community, our consultants design programs to improve areas of skill deficit and reduce the frequency or intensity of non-compliance, repetitive behaviors, self-injury and aggressive behaviors.

We believe that an effective program is not about teaching an isolated set of skills in a static environment but instead should focus on developing the whole child to learn and live in an ever- changing world. Our service options offer a range of intensity which allows for the flexibility necessary to meet the unique needs of every child and family.


I can't even think of words to describe our feelings about Jenny's progress from our first ABA session to today. Honestly, I can't really remember how bad her behaviors were unless I am reminded.   Continue Reading →

--Mary, Parent


I have the opportunity to work with amazing kids! The most effective (and sometimes only) way to support these kids as they reach their full potential is through a team [home and school] approach.   Continue Reading →

--Julie Payne, M.A., Intervention Specialist


Lindsay has always been dedicated and passionate. Her professionalism and knowledge made us feel very confident in the program right from the start.   Continue Reading →

--Ellen, parent