Parent Training

Parenting is by far one of the most rewarding jobs, but also by far one of the most challenging. When raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder or other behavioral needs, this challenge intensifies. We feel that parental involvement in behavior intervention is of the utmost importance.

Parent training is the most critical component of an effective home-based behavior intervention program. We work with parents to give you the strategies and the confidence you need to teach new, and sometimes difficult, skills while reducing the frequency or intensity of problem behaviors. From improving relationships with family members and friends, to managing daily routines and family expectations to simply getting through a daily task peacefully our consultants work with you to identify and prioritize areas of need and develop practical plans for success.

Our goal is to empower you as parents to confidently make decisions and approach behavior change strategies each time you are faced with a new obstacle.


I can't even think of words to describe our feelings about Jenny's progress from our first ABA session to today. Honestly, I can't really remember how bad her behaviors were unless I am reminded.   Continue Reading →

--Mary, Parent


I have the opportunity to work with amazing kids! The most effective (and sometimes only) way to support these kids as they reach their full potential is through a team [home and school] approach.   Continue Reading →

--Julie Payne, M.A., Intervention Specialist


Lindsay has always been dedicated and passionate. Her professionalism and knowledge made us feel very confident in the program right from the start.   Continue Reading →

--Ellen, parent